Hand-Hammered Cross Bracelet with 9 Black Diamonds

$ 450.00

The cross has been in use as a powerful symbol of the merging of the divine and the physical world in many cultures since Upper Paleolithic times. The cross became hugely popularized as a Christian symbol by the Emperor Constantine in the 4th Century. This hand-hammered solid sterling silver cross is inset with 9 black diamonds, symbol of love and fidelity. Historically, diamond has been said to have the power to protect its wearer and, when worn on the left side, to give them victory over enemies if the cause is just. Diamond is the traditional birthstone for April.

Information: This 2 3/4" cross is made from solid, recycled sterling silver with a hand-hammered finish and is set with an additional cross of 9 black diamonds. Strung on a hand-knotted black leather cord bracelet with bone-button closure. Bracelet measures approximately 9" for men and 7 1/4" for women.

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