Gerald David Bauman

Growing up in San Diego, Gerald David Bauman was always fascinated by diamonds and colored stones. Even as a little boy, he loved it when his grandmother would come over, dripping with sparkling diamonds. With fine jewelry and diamonds as the two-generation family business, it was only natural that Gerald would start designing and creating his own jewelry while he was still in high school, thereby becoming the third generation in the Bauman family business.

Wanting something different that was his own, Gerald escaped from the family business for a while; after college he began a successful career as an actor and hand model in TV commercials. But the lure of diamonds kept calling to him. Succumbing to the siren song of his first love, and being someone who likes to do things correctly or not at all, Gerald obtained top certifications from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Institute of Diamond Cutting & Rough Diamonds, and the American Gem Laboratory (AGL) for Emeralds & Sapphires, emerging as a fully-fledged, self-titled "Diamond Nerd" with an encyclopedic knowledge of diamonds - their history and romance - and an innate instinct for which diamond fit which client.

Gerald began designing, creating and brokering diamonds and jewelry pieces for the world's most discriminating customers. Very quickly, two qualities made themselves clear, which allowed Gerald to stand out from the rest of the business: his unimpeachable honesty, and his unique ability to listen to the client - what they wanted, what they needed and what they loved, without imposing his own opinions or ideas. As happy clients spread the word, Gerald became the jeweler to the stars and to the international jet set, traveling all over the world to work with an ever-increasing circle of clients.

As Gerald's reputation for unmatched taste and expertise grew, he began supplying exquisite, rare diamonds to some of the most prestigious jewelers, including Harry Winston and Tiffany & Co., and was asked by Julius Klein, one of the world's biggest diamond distributors, to consult with and broker an inventory of over $400M in diamonds to clients such as Chopard and Cartier. At the same time, he was asked by two government agencies to design and create beautiful transmitter-equipped jewelry for espionage purposes (pre- and post-9/11).

Although Gerald has a great business designing and selling one of a kind, important pieces to his elite, private clientele, he still wanted a way to make diamonds and other fine jewelry available to anyone who loved it the way he has his whole life. And thus, Noble Shield was born: Gerald's brand new line of rings, cufflinks, necklaces, and bracelets for men and women. The line combines gold and silver with precious stones to make unique, sculptural pieces reflecting his love of ancient and medieval jewelry and heraldry. These must-have, attainable pieces are available on his website, www.nobleshield.com. As Gerald says, "These are pieces you can wear and feel great about wearing, without breaking the bank". Welcome to the world of Noble Shield.