Noble Shield/Gerald David Bauman Custom Jewelry Designs


Gerald David Bauman has been a custom jeweler and designer for his whole career. His true calling is designing truly individual pieces that fit perfectly into his clients' life and style to give them the jewelry of their dreams - no matter how big or small, simple or elaborate, or anything in between - if you can imagine it, he can create it just for you.


Getting married?

Gerald will find you the perfect diamond or colored stone and design and make a gorgeous engagement ring that fits your life, your style, and your budget. Whether it's a row of tiny sparklers or a truly spectacular diamond or colored stone - or anything else on the spectrum, you can trust Gerald to find you the best-possible gems for a fair price and create the ring of your dreams.

Want wedding rings that truly express your love? Gerald will work with you to make the perfect rings that symbolize your union - plain, hammered, set with gemstones, engraved; they can be made with gold, platinum, steel, sterling silver - whatever you desire.

Want to create something truly memorable for your bridesmaids and groomsmen? Gerald can design and make custom pendants, bracelets, or cuff links that your attendants will love and wear forever.


Re-styling & re-designing:

Inherited a piece of jewelry that you don't really love? Gerald can re-style or re-design according to your taste, so that you can feel the love and memories but express your own style.

Have some jewelry that "just isn't me" anymore? Using your own stones and metals, Gerald can design and create something fresh that you'll really love and want to wear.


Can't find something you like in a store or online?

Talk to Gerald about what's in your imagination. He loves working with clients to design custom pieces that suit their life, fashion, and style and make their fantasies a reality.