Why Gerald for Diamonds

I have been passionate about diamonds and jewelry for nearly 40 years. Whether for a rare diamond to commemorate a milestone occasion, or a single carat for a young couple's engagement ring, I will find the perfect diamond for my clients at the budget they determine. I love the thrill of the hunt and I will search the world to find the right diamond for my clients, and even travel internationally to see a diamond in person to make sure it is the right one. I love seeing the look on my clients' faces when they see their diamond for the first time. It is a passion I bring to all of my clients' requests.

When people ask me why they should use me to find their diamond rather than going to a store, I will share my expertise. Purchasing a diamond is one of the most difficult, challenging and scary thing for anyone to do. There is so much information out there, and a lot of it on the Internet is inaccurate and misleading. Simply going to a website and buying based on price is simply not a smart thing to do on your own. As a diamond jeweler and wholesaler for nearly four decades, I can decipher the process of buying the right diamond for your needs. 

Here are the reasons why you want to work with me:

  • I hear what you want. I listen to what kind of ring you want, what kind of diamond you want, and what reasons you have for buying the diamond. I will work with you to determine what diamond you should be getting, and then I will go out and get it. I am not going to sell you something that isn't right for you just because I have it in inventory. This is what a lot of jewelers will do -- push you into buying something you don't really want because they want to sell it.
  • I understand the diamond buying process. I have been a diamond wholesaler for nearly 40 years, and I know the right way to buy a diamond. I can tell if a diamond is a good one by looking at its certificate. And I know how to negotiate the best price for my customers.
  • I work within your budget. If you give me a budget, I will do everything in my power to stick to your budget. I do not let people think I can make a piece of jewelry for one price, only to raise the price later. And I tell my customers when it is smart to go with a higher quality or better diamond, and when it is smart to save their money,
  • I show you options. I always give you options, so you can make the choice for yourself. I am not a retail store with inventory. I am a private jeweler who shops for my clients and fulfills their needs, and ensures they have the best possible options to choose from.
  • I filter what I see. I am a diamond nerd, and only want the best jewels for my clients. In fact, I wouldn't sell a diamond that I wouldn't wear myself. So I search worldwide for the right diamonds for my clients, and I only pick the highest quality stone for the lowest price. I do not overwhelm my clients with too many choices.
  • I can explain why all diamonds are not the same. Just because two diamonds are of the same shape and weight, they can vary wildly in color, clarity, and proportions. I like to use the analogy that all white cakes are not the same. Likewise all white diamonds are not the same, and I can tell you which one to buy and which one to avoid.
  • I work with the high end retailers on Rodeo Drive. These stores have asked me to guide them on their diamond inventory, from offering jewelry advice to supplying diamonds.
  • I have acquired diamonds for discerning clients. My clients include international celebrities, business leaders, and heads of state. While many of my clients have the means to buy from high end retailers, they choose to buy from me because I offer them the highest quality at the lowest price. Many of my clients have been loyal customers for over twenty years. I've also consulted on numerous television shows, both scripted and unscripted, giving my diamond advice and expertise.
  • With my four decades of experience and passion (some would say obsession) with diamonds, I can help you find that perfect diamond for your special occasion.